Our Solution

GHF currently operates traditional permanent supported housing communities and prioritized its PSH housing units for those who are hardest to house and keep housed.  At GHF we know that it will take collaboration and coordination among individuals and organizations as well as an array of housing options if we are to end homelessness and the inhumane institutionalization of poor people with disabilities who can and want to live independently in the community.

GHF’s goal is to connect our client with housing as quickly as possible. No conditions are to be met before housing occurs (such as income, participation in services, sobriety).  With respect to clients needing referrals outside the GHF inventory (due to our very low turn-over rate and high need), GHF imposes no conditions on referrals to receive housing placement assistance.  GHF quickly works to eliminate barriers (such as poor rental history, past due utilities, lack of saving to pay move-in costs in addition to rent, etc.) in all instances.  GHF properties are barrier free and allow us to quickly house tenants and begin linking them with services.

In all cases, each client has choice of where he/she chooses to live and have the ability to interact as little or as much with staff as they like.

Clients can remain in the program as long as they need or want assistance.