It is our Mission to provide safe, decent, affordable, supported housing for individuals with a wide range of disabilities, complex disorders and life situations who struggle to secure or maintain housing.

Our guiding principles include:

  • To create housing that supports and improves health outcomes as well as provides a safe environment for all individuals.
  • One-size-fits-all housing does not work.  Housing and service design should be developed to fit the needs of the population served.
  • All people have a right to choose where and how they live, including obtaining a lease in their own name with all the rights and responsibilities of tenancy.
  • The threshold for services and housing should not be so high that the most disabled and most vulnerable cannot secure and maintain residency.  Housing will be accessible in every way to every person.
  • Individuals should not be subject to an arbitrary time limit for housing; it is permanent as long as the individual wants and needs it and can conform to the requirements of their lease.

The Challenge

Currently, there is a serious shortage of affordable housing for very low income people throughout St. Louis’ seven county, metropolitan region.  Even more profound is the shortage of permanent supported housing, or housing that is both affordable and specifically designed to serve the needs of people affected by serious mental illness, other disabilities, homelessness and those who struggle to maintain housing stability.  Historically, our region has relied on community mental health centers or support services providers to build and operate supported housing. Those agencies then, naturally (and rightfully), market to their own client base first. This approach has left many without access to supported housing options, regardless of need or the cost of alternatives.

GHF formed because there is currently no other group in the region whose sole mission is to create supportive housing for people with special needs.  We believe we will begin to relieve the burdens experienced by our public and private systems serving those most in need in our region by making access to healthcare, community-based treatment and affordable housing more cost effective and impactful.